Parenting Classes

General Overview

Parenting class sessions, which are taught using a Love and Logic curriculum, are held for two hours every week for 6 weeks.

During class, parents learn skills on how to raise self-confident, motivated children by establishing healthy control without resorting to anger. Parents are also given the tools to help build relationships by providing guidelines for establishing both respect and dignity between themselves and their children. 

Teacher and Student

Session Specifics

  • Putting an end to arguing, back-talking, and begging.

  • Teaching responsibility without losing their love.

  • Setting limits without waging war.

  • Avoiding power struggles.

  • Guiding kids to own and solve their problems.

  • Teaching kids to complete chores without reminders and without pay.

Class Information

Parenting classes are free of charge.


All classes require registration in advance.


Certificates are issued after all sessions have been completed.

Father Playing with Daughters

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