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Family Services Department

Parent Educators offer comprehensive case management through in-home visiting. Parent Educators teach SafeCare, an evidence-based program for parents of children 5 years old and younger, which focuses on improving parents’ skills in three main areas: parent-infant/child interactions, home safety, and child health care. The program is designed to be completed in 18 sessions (6 sessions per each of the 3 lesson topics). Sessions typically last 50-90 minutes and are conducted on a weekly basis.

Parent-Child Interaction

Parent-Child Interaction helps parents learn skills to reduce challenging child behavior while increasing the number of positive interactions they have with their children. Parent Educators help caregivers gain one-on-one experience with structuring daily living activities (e.g., planning in advance, making time for independent play, and appropriately explaining rules and consequences) for children approximately 18 months to five years of age.

Child Health

During the Child Health module, Parent Educators teach parents how to identify and prevent common childhood illnesses and injuries by providing health reference materials and role-playing injury scenarios. Caregivers also learn how to provide or seek appropriate treatment for a child by following a structured decision making approach focusing on outcomes of when to care at home, make a doctor’s appointment, or visit the emergency room.

Child Safety

 Parent Educators teach Child Safety to help caregivers learn how to reduce risk factors for unintentional injuries in young children. Throughout this module, parents gain knowledge on how to identify common hazards in their homes and ways to remove them or make them inaccessible to their children. Another topic covered during Child Safety is the importance of conducting appropriate supervision for children in every age group.

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